WTH Happened To My Quads?  Arthrogenic Muscle Inhibition Explained

Quad atrophy following ACL injury is mind blowing.  It wasn’t until I experienced this personally with my own ACL injury, that I really could grasp this strange and frustrating phenomenon.  My quad index at 5 days post injury was 58%!  I am now 17 days post ACL rupture.  My quad is deflating daily, like a... Continue Reading →

MY ACL Graft Selection: it’s not at all like choosing socks

On my 40th birthday, I distinctly remember thinking: “If I blew out my ACL now, I’d have to have an allograft.” Those are the random and irrational thoughts that go through a physio’s head.  I know I’m not alone… admit it, if you are a 40+ physio, you are nodding your head in agreement. So... Continue Reading →

Guest Blog For PT Pintcast: 5 ways to reduce risk of ACL tears in soccer players

Over 200,000 ACL ruptures occur in the United States annually.  Women’s soccer has the highest ACL injury rate followed by American football.  While no injury is entirely preventable, there are 5 key things you can do to decrease risk of ACL injury in soccer players:   STRENGTH.  Spending time in the weight room is imperative.  A robust strengthening... Continue Reading →

ACL Injury in Alpine Skiers: Mechanism of Injury & Prevention

The snow has started to fall here in Bozeman, Montana and skiers are anxiously awaiting opening day at both Big Sky Resort and Bridger Bowl. Many people live here to take advantage of the outstanding skiing conditions accompanied by cloudless bluebird days. Skiing related anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears are unfortunately all too common, and... Continue Reading →

Nearly 300,000 ACL reconstructive surgeries are performed in the US annually.1 Up to 24% of people do not return to sport following ACL reconstruction due to fear of re-injury.2  Fear of re-injury is also known as “kinesiophobia” and is related to knee function after surgery.3 Psychological measures are not typically used in return to sport... Continue Reading →

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