MY ACL Graft Selection: it’s not at all like choosing socks

On my 40th birthday, I distinctly remember thinking: “If I blew out my ACL now, I’d have to have an allograft.” Those are the random and irrational thoughts that go through a physio’s head.  I know I’m not alone… admit it, if you are a 40+ physio, you are nodding your head in agreement. So... Continue Reading →

Shit Happens- the nondiscriminatory nature of ACL injuries

  It hasn't quite been 24 hours since I blew out my ACL skiing... I’m laying on the couch icing, and doing all the things I tell my patients to do; but, I don’t want to. I don’t want to bend my knee. I don’t want to avoid walking on a bent knee.  I don’t... Continue Reading →

Letting go of traditions in physical therapy

Every Christmas eve, my Sweden-born grandmother would prepare an authentic Scandinavian dinner, complete with a variety of meticulously made cookies that only a grandmother could bake.  It was a tradition that my entire family eagerly awaited each year.  Although I didn’t care for some of the items on the menu—pickled herring on rye cracker hors... Continue Reading →

The Making of a Better Athlete: Diversifying Sports During Youth

More and more children are becoming involved in organized sports at younger ages.  There is an increasing trend in younger children playing single sports year-round as well as training for elite levels.  Although some believe early specialization is imperative to be competitive in certain sports, such as gymnastics 1, the reality is, chances to achieve Pro or Olympic... Continue Reading →

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